Helen Stirling Johnston

Helen Stirling Johnston






Date of Birth : 1888, Date of Death : 1931.

Residence in Dufries and Galloway. Her studio was behind 9 High Street Kirkcudbright.

Helen was educated at Glasgow School of Art.

Exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts.

Helen was one of the foremost lady artists in Scotland, who made Kirkcudbright her home for several months each year. Between 1850 and 1950 Kirkcudbright was an established artist colony, not unlike the Newlyn School in Cornwall.

It is said that the quality of light brought these painters together. This painting is believed to be a self portrait of the artist reading a book in her garden.

This painting has a plein air feeling and you can truly feel the colourist influence. Also incorporated an image of Helen working at her easel.

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